Experience with the use of Rhino-correct

Experience with the use of Rhino-correct from Alice from Gabrovo

Rhino-correct experience with the use of

Today to share with You about it, how in a short time and completely without pain, you can change the shape of the nose!

I can't say I experienced a serious trouble because of your nose. I never teased and is not a victim of bullying because of him. But the internal dissatisfaction was present. The defect is not strong, but me once shame. From the nose to the bridge of the nose coming in strong decline, and formed something like a hump. A guy jokingly called me "young eagle", but it seems to me, that is funny. Thought about surgery, but it is not so strong the lack of money to repair a lot of money. I'm still very scared that a doctor admit a mistake and ruin my nose clear and for life.

Friend said, that in {Country} is a very popular concealer to the nose - rhinoplasty without surgery rhino-correct. She using it by the nose (wing of the nose was very wide) and many of the familiar praised the efficiency of this corrector.

The price was not high and so I decided to try to make the order. Delivered shipment by courier, right to my house. I liked very much, because he had to go to the post office and stand in line to pick up the order.

Rhino-correct packaging

How to use the app in practice

For the expected effect, it is necessary to follow the instructions on the packaging. I wore concealer 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes. I could watch the series, or do their own thing, and the corrector has changed the shape of the nose. It is very comfortable and painless. The concealer is made from very fine material. I experienced absolutely no discomfort. Sometimes I wore the device for longer 15 minutes, and then the nose will appear small red spots. But they quickly passed.

The result of use, personal experience

The first changes were already in 2 weeks. I noticed that the nose became more direct and hump less pronounced. Because the changes happen gradually, I have them just haven't noticed. But compare the photos before and after application - I was impressed! The result is obvious! You can look at my pictures. The nose became more elegant and without the nasty hump. I'm happy that they took the concealer rhino-correct! Try it and You!