Plastic surgery of the nose, functions, types of operation, preparation

Plastic surgery of the nose – one of the most sought-after types of surgical procedure from the area of the front surgeons, which is carried out with the overall and local anesthesia. It allows you to literally after 3-4 weeks to get a new face.

eyelid surgery

Usually, at the first meeting of the people, considering the appearance vis-a-vis, the issue of some properties and the most visible elements of the face. Features of human psychology lies in the fact that the most viewed points on the face are the eyes and nose. And what do you do if your nose – it is a significant part of the face does not meet your forms. Turn for help to specialists in the field of cosmetology surgery, which by the operation will be the perfect proportions and contours of the nose.

Nose and its annoying characteristics

Most often, the nose creates a problem for its owner helen the owner, because it's innate properties, helena after the injury can significantly spoil the appearance. In particular, it spoils the life of young women and girls – that's a bad nose, it's delicious chubby cheeks, then the shape of the lips is not completely perfect under the generally accepted standards of beauty at a certain period of time. Today to radically change your nose, do so, as he wishes to see his owner helena recommends doctor will help plastic surgery. Plastic surgery of the nose is nowadays a very popular procedure, about its features below.

The essence of the operation — plastic surgery of the nose

Under eyelid surgery of the nose surgeons mean aesthetic quick intervention to change the shape and size, the contour of the outer surface of the nose.

Rhinoplasty carried out for the solution of two problems:

  • Removal of congenital disorders and defects of the anatomical structure;
  • Eliminate the consequences of the injury in the form of deformations and violations of the contours of the most expressive part of the face.

The main aim of the operation – to harmonize the face by changing the shape of the nose, without the individual features of the face. The essence of the conducted operation lies in the fact that surgically is performed by the correction pain of the cartilage of the nasal skeleton. For the first time the method has been used relatively recently – a little more than half a century ago, after the end of the war. Shows high effectiveness of the method, the doctors performed a significant breakthrough in facial surgery.
Thanks to relatively simple interventions addressed direct medical problems and a better emotional background of the patient at the expense of the harmony and aesthetics of the face.

The main feature of this operation is the age limit of patients. Surgeons – beauticians are advised not to carry out the procedure before 18-20 years, as in the beginning of the operations of the other age changes can lead to distortion of the structure of the facial skull and the result of the operation is interrupted.

The function of nose surgery

When the attending physician recommends that you perform a rhinoplasty patient, which physiological helena aesthetic problems with the structure of the nose, it causes some confusion. Usually instrumental surgery and even on the face do not cause much enthusiasm, because it's still surgery (plastic surgery of the nose). But the performance of this surgical procedure is based on the performance of the smaller notch of the skin and subcutaneous-adipose sheets, resection of the exposed and alone nasal septum. Similar sparing approach allows the removal of defects, a fairly high difficulty. The use of the open method of repair of the nose is focused on moving cartilage tissue helena their removal if necessary.

Technique involves open, closed, audit rhinoplasty nose, September plastics, rhinoplasty using fillers. When the most loyal method of operation the entire volume of the manipulations are carried out only through nazarevych cuts. But such intervention is not always permissible, due to certain circumstances.

before and after

The function of non-surgical rhinoplasty

To remove minor cosmetic defects, it helps to such a procedure, as a non-invasive rhinoplasty nose. The aim of this method is to change the structure of the nose.

The adjustment is carried out by implantation of the injector – applied to the patient subcutaneously a gel composition.

The cartilage of the fabric receptive to the shocks, so that the radical method of changing the shape of the nose lead to the formation of bone peeves in the area of change.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty the nose is divided into several groups. The procedure allows you to:

  • increase the nose – are in place fill in the area of deepening the trench;
  • reduce the nose – are introduced to the hormonal agents in the area, where they observed excessive soft tissue;
  • change the shape of the nose – repairs are carried out by Languedoc helena thread.

Each of these methods is not traumatic way, so an expert can pick up any procedure, due to the problem, which is to be solved.

After performing non-surgical plastic surgery of the nose, it is possible to obtain a stable, even if temporary effect, which will have to make a correction again. If necessary, the cardinal changes in appearance, it is best to resort to the help of the operating procedures for elimination of the defect.

Adjustment of the tip of the nose

the tip of the nose before and after

If you want to change the shape of the tip of the nose, to resort to the help of surgery. Rhinoplasty for the tip of the nose is a popular procedure in this area of medicine.

There are some common factors, which leads to the formation of the rounded tip of the nose (the nose in the form of potatoes):

  • Patients with thickened skin in the area of the nose often needs to face such a problem. In such a situation will help remove the excess tissue.
  • Also can be a problem to be in the skin. The bottom and the lateral cartilage of the fabric becomes too wide helena convex.

Accounting operations contributes to these changes, the tip of the nose:

  • reduce the fillet of the nose;
  • a small breeding omitted;
  • straightening curved;
  • narrowing of the wide.

Fix skip of the tip is performed by removing the cartilage.

Plastic surgeons running and other types of operations of the nose: it is excluded, the asymmetry and sagging columella (the skin barrier, which is located between the nasal movements), and so on

A similar operation involve the most complex, what is due to the characteristics of every procedure, because every one of the cartilage fabric has its own texture and shape.

If the operation is performed unsuccessfully, the patient may remain distorted and deformed the tip of helena's entire nose. So, deciding on rhinoplasty, it is better to entrust own the face of an experienced physician.

Zdf is worth it to do a rhinoplasty of the nose?

Do zdf rhinoplasty, it's going to be every patient individually after a consultation with a plastic surgeon. There are some arguments that speak for and against the holding of manipulation.

Rhinoplasty is a challenging operation, which means daunting the early rehabilitation period. In addition, to recover to quite a long time – the final result is seen after a year. Before starting the intervention the surgeon is not able to give a 100% guarantee that the new shape of the nose, that you will be satisfied.

There is the possibility of developing a functional negative consequences in the form of:

  • lability helena perforation of the septum;
  • secondary changes of mucus after surgery;
  • sustainable violation of nasal respiratory function.

In the early stage of recovery there is the risk and health complications, and this is the reason, infection, bleeding, necrosis factor of the fabric. Although similar problems are encountered in rare cases.

As for the arguments that speak for a rhinoplasty, it is worth mentioning the presence of silver effect and nearly endless possibilities to improve the appearance. The presence of limitations given only common sense.

Thanks to modern technology, used by plastic surgeons would be possible to fully restore the respiratory function of the nose and remove any defects, including post-traumatic deformities, disorders of the helena botched surgery.

side effects

The pros and cons of the procedure

Certainly it is necessary to say about the pros and cons of the nose.

Choosing a doctor to perform the operation, it is necessary to give preference to a qualified, experienced specialist. At the clinic, where you will do the operation, must be all the necessary equipment and licenses. The perfect choice is choosing a doctor who has the skills to perform plastics as closed, so open a way. Thanks to the jewellery work of a specialist may not be to deterioration. Must just be the better respiratory function as a result of performing the manipulation.

Among the disadvantages of such operations it should be noted, the presence of contraindications for its implementation. It is forbidden to do rhinoplasty patients:

  • under the age of 17 years of age;
  • with diabetes;
  • with disorders of blood clotting.

Before the surgery will be performed, it is necessary to pass the corresponding diagnostic. On the basis of the results obtained, the doctor will be able to say, zdf you can do rhinoplasty.

The advantages of such an operation is to be attributed to the possibility of use in the course of the implementation of the total helena local anesthesia. The patient is given the opportunity to make their own selection of varieties of anesthesia, but before that should definitely consult with your doctor. If it should be a simple operation, it is possible to resort to local anesthesia. If the manipulation means intervention into the nose section and the nose, it is better to choose a general anesthetic.

The main advantage of plastic surgery of the nose is to obtain the desired result. For patients, the longer the time suffer from the irregular shape of the nose, to obtain a positive result after plastic surgery of the nose – it's a great incentive to enhance personal life and enhance self-esteem.

Among the disadvantages of plastic surgery of the nose is also worth mentioning:

  • possible bleeding after cessation of treatment;
  • the emergence of inflammation and entry of infection in the nose;
  • a decrease in the sensitivity of the nose;
  • dissatisfaction of the obtained effect.

Although many of the above shortcomings can be avoided if correctly to choose the doctor who will do a rhinoplasty.

The volume of indications and contraindications

Any type of treatment – treatment helena surgical assumes the presence of certain testimony the purpose and contraindications that restrict the use of the methodology of helena ruled out completely.

The indications for the operation are divided into direct and indirect:

  1. Direct testimony are fractures of the nose, damage to the external defects, anomalies of the structures of the nose, greatly complicates the processes of respiration, after burns, frostbite, mechanical damage of different nature, the residual phenomena after the injury.
  2. Indirect – this is a subjective need to improve the aesthetics of the face. Physician – cosmetologist at the wishes of the patient change the dimensions and shape of the nose.

Absolute contraindications is the presence in history of diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart failure, liver disease, neoplastic processes, asthma, diabetes, low clotting, allergies. Temporary – this is a young helen the older age of the patient, SARS, potential pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation.

Types of nose surgery

Relative of what kinds of questions need to be addressed in the operational intervention, operation of the nose can be of various kinds. The first is the restoration of broken at various damage, disease helena during the intrauterine formation of the shape of the nose.

Correction of existing deficiencies refers to the aesthetic type of surgery:

  • Change the contour and size of the wings of the nose;
  • The removal of the curvature of the division of traumatic, physiological, compensatory character;
  • Holding conchotomy – resection and removal of excessive mucus, which performs the correction of the shapes and sizes of the nose;
  • Repair of the columella between the nozdreva sweatshirts the fact that the rate of cartilage helena excision of the lower part of the nostrils;
  • Augmentation view allows functional thereby increase the nose;
  • Grafting — increasing the little nose;
  • Fix the lower part;
  • Filerna operation;

Laser technology implementation of the intervention is to a large extent reduces the risk of bleeding, reduces the recovery period.


Preparation for surgery

Preparation for surgery begins not less than two – three weeks before the scheduled date of the operation. The doctor will prescribe a complex of diagnostic procedures, where it belongs common and biochemistry of blood, studies of the prothrombin index of blood, is determined by the group and the ratio of the rh-factor, but also to draw attention to the possibility of the presence of antibodies to HIV infection and With — hepatitis. No exceptions are taken urine, the patient undergoes an ECG, FKG, topographic scan.
Without exception, carried out a consultation with the therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, and if necessary – gynecologist.

The progress of the operation

The procedure takes about an hour to an hour and a half — two. The initial phase is an introduction to the anesthesia. When choosing a local anesthesia during surgery the patient will experience some discomfort and unpleasant feelings.

  1. In the context of closed surgery is done several notches on the mucus inside the nose, the visibility of the operating field is limited.
  2. When the open procedure is performed, tissue peeling, an outcrop of bone and cartilage structure of the nose, then removed to meet, to grip the bone part of the nose, helena to govern the cartilage structure.

The last phase is the imposition of the fixing plaster bandages, and the introduction of tampons in the nasal passages.

after surgery

The post-operative period

Stored immediately after surgery, the fixing of the plaster bandage should stabilize patterns of the nose. The doctor removes the bandage, not less than after 10 – 15 days, the deadline for her to wear depends on the severity of the operation.

  • In the course of the week remains a swelling of varying intensity, and in particular – on the upper and lower eyelids;
  • Minor swelling will last for up to a month;
  • Is present some of the nasal mucosa due to swelling of mucus after surgery;

Strong painful usually is not established, the doctor advised not to blow your nose, not much coughing, drink and eat hot, restrictions on physical activity from 20 days up to months. Part of the fine mode is the diet, where it belongs, it is not difficult dishes that require intensive chewing and application efforts for raskusyvanii. It is desirable that the food was pureed, soft, without spices and sharp seasonings. The special mission of a doctor is a diet rich in vitamins – steamed, cooked and raw vegetables, fruits and berries. For the intensification of the processes of wound apply antiseptic solutions and special drops in the nose.

Possible complications

In the postoperative period can occur a variety of complications. They can take place in the form of dark red circles under the eyes, swelling, breathing difficulties, seizures, nausea, numbness of the tissues of the nose, the common cold with bloody secretions, accompanied by weakness and an increase in temperature.

In the later periods of the post-operative interventions, complications can arise aesthetic helena functional layout.

  1. To the first contortion, deformation, scars, stains and adhesions, differences the seams.
  2. On the other can include an increase in intracranial pressure, the occurrence of perforation of the nasal septum, hematomas of different size and localization, the incidence of toxicity, shock, abscesses, osteotomy, complications breathing.

In each of the above phenomena it is necessary to urgently appeal to performed surgery the doctors.


Rehabilitation period

For intensification of remediation is necessary to perform a flush of the nasal moves, smoothing the ointment, the designated doctor.

In order to quickly get rid of the swelling, it is necessary to follow the rules:

  • The complete exclusion of alcohol;
  • Exclude sunbathing, visits to the solarium;
  • Minimise physical stress;
  • Do not use decorative cosmetics.

But even with the strict observance of all rules and recommendations of the doctor is not always possible to get the desired result. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and other nuances.

Frequently asked questions about the operation and the answers to them

Consider the most common patient questions and answers to them:

What is the operation? The so-called. plastic surgery, the goal is the fulfillment of which lies in the change of the size and shape of the nose.

Are there any age restrictions to perform the operation? The implementation of plastic operations allowed after 18 years. Although eyelid surgery can be performed and in 16-year-old, but in this case it is necessary written permission from the parents.

What are the deadlines for getting the final results of the plastic surgery of the nose? Notice the effect of manipulation possible after approximately 12 months. In the course of this entire period will be observed swelling, even when not pronounced, and often completely inconspicuous to the surrounding area. Although directly after the completion of treatments you will see yourself with a different nose. It is necessary to prepare for it, that, in addition to swelling have to face the stable hyperemia and changing the hue of the skin. The main swelling will disappear within a few weeks after the nose, the remaining swelling and congestion of the destroyed after a few months. And, for the remaining period will disappear and the rest of the swelling, unobtrusive to the neighborhood.

I wonder if after the completion of the operation scars? When performing closed surgery, visible scars remain. And open rhinoplasty means the possession of a small notch in the area of the columella, where in the future will leave a scar. Although it should not cause concern with time, the scar will be completely invisible.