Many people are considered to be non-compliant, as it looks like their nose. Drawing view, form a first impression about the appearance. Even minor defects voids all natural charm. Often it sees to the development of psychological complexes, deprives the chances of success in your personal life and in your career. Not everyone is willing to go under the surgeon's knife, in addition, not in all cases it is really necessary. Non-invasive rhinoplasty nose allows you to fix many common flaws without pain and big expenses.


The benefits of non-surgical techniques

Nose without surgery – sparing correction, is impact on bone. The incisions are missing. The fabric is not injured. Cartilage structure exposed only when hormonal injection. Non-surgical method has a minimum of contraindications. When minor defects, provides a good aesthetic result. The price is lower than in the case of the operational intervention. Side effects are rare.

The most non-invasive rhinoplasty reversible – fill helena fibers to solve. In the event that the original result is not satisfied in full, the next procedure can be carried out with regard to the new requirements. Sparing eyelid surgery does not require long preparation. General anesthesia is not needed (just local anesthesia). Manipulation and rehabilitation after them occupy the minimum of time.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty fillers is done using various drugs, allowing you to select them individually. Some injections have a positive effect on the skin, which provides additional aesthetic effect.

The drawbacks with this method a little bit. A gentle correction would have significant defects. When using biocompatible substances of plant procedure provides a temporary effect (you cannot assume an absolute minus). Can be allergies to medications (in this case, simply choose another valid substance helena other method).

Perform a rhinoplasty the nose without surgery should experienced surgeon – it requires precision bijoux et. Errors lead to a deterioration of the aesthetics of the nose: symmetry breaking, emergence of the ugly contours, dips and Bugrov. Perhaps the development of complications.


Using non-surgical rhinoplasty is possible:

Indications for non-surgical operation
  • align the bumps remaining after surgery;
  • fix small defects incurred after the injury, the helena are available from birth.

Non-invasive type of correction is used in the implementation of minor changes. Use a gentle plastic surgery of the nose manages to remove the excess subcutaneous tissue, add volume, strengthen the skeleton. It allows you to:

  • fix the light asymmetry;
  • change the undernote helena came down, a thin helena the thick tip of the nose;
  • make softer the angle of the bridge of the nose;
  • the removal of the defect wing of the nose;
  • fill the hollow in the back;
  • to remove a noticeable flabby skin.


Injections of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite allow you to perform the following fixes and changes in the profile of the nose:

  • Easy hump. Using injections of hyaluronic acid gel can little to lift the backrest of the nose above the hump. In this way, the original hump persists, but visually it's a little bit masked. The result is a generally straight, evenly down the backrest of the nose.
  • The saddle nose. Typical for saddle nose deepening in the back of the nose can be align using injections of hyaluronic acid gel. To equalize the volume too flat helena strongly curved ridge of the nose is also possible to use injection therapy.
  • The broad backrest of the nose. Too wide back of the nose using injections of hyaluronic acid gel it is possible to apply a new, more obstacle to the completion. However, it is accompanied by a little raised backrest, the nose, and in this respect, it is not suitable in all cases.
  • The flat tip of the nose. Too flat helena hanging tip of the nose it is possible to lift using hyaluronic acid gel.
  • Dents in the area of the nose. If the cartilage wing of the nose stand out under the skin, caused by the dents on the tip of the nose and the columella, it is possible to fill by injection of hyaluronic acid gel.
  • Asymmetry of the nose. A small asymmetry can be easily adjusted by using the injection of hyaluronic acid gel on the problem side, thereby creating an overall harmonious impression.


Offers a non-invasive method, the doctor takes into account:

Non-invasive rhinoplasty photo before and after
  • the wishes of the patient;
  • the presence of contraindications to the used medicines;
  • the individual features of the structure of the nose;
  • the range of the available voltage.

For solving problems they use different methods:

  • injection fillers helena hormones;
  • fibers;
  • splints.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty hyaluronic acid and other fillers are enjoying the greatest demand. By introducing them to manage to increase the volume, to fill the unevenness on the back of helena on the wings of the nose. In addition to hyaluronic acid are used preparations based on collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite (the substances, natural to the human body). Such a connection bribe their safety. Their relative disadvantage – the need to perform repetitive manipulation later.

Result from the introduction of the fillers of collagen and hyaluronic acid persists from half a year to two years, because the enzymes gradually destroy the filler.

Contouring involves a great number of problems.

Long-term outcome when using non-surgical methods provide a biodegradable filler. They have in their silicone-based. Their disadvantage – the impossibility of the integration of artificial agents into the tissue of the nose. It sees to the development of fibrotic changes, which over time disrupts the aesthetics. With regard to the absorbable fillers are preferable. They are most often used in the delicate operation.

Security and lasting effect provides autologous filler (adipose tissue). It survives about 70% of the fat cells. The impact of using non-surgical methods of time is lost. The work is carried out in several stages. First is done the fence of the own fat tissue of the patient. Then the material is clean from contaminants (blood, anesthetics) and prizhivlyaetsya. Its amount is calculated with regard to future losses (up to 30%). The material does not cause any allergies.

Plastic surgery without the surgery, which is based on the introduction of the hormone injections, removes excess tissue (valid substance softens the cartilage of the structure). This technique requires precision bijoux et. The slightest mistake can lead to the penetration of substances into the tissue outside the adjustable zone. This is the result unpredictable. Increasing the dosage also sees to unpleasant consequences. Only in the conditions of the clinic with a good reputation, you can count on a predictable result.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty fibers allows no injection to lift the tip of helena applied the aesthetics of the ugly wing of the nose. This technology is safe – the material is fully compatible with the tissues of man. They provoke a negative reaction from the immune system. Typically used fibers – they are durable, hypoallergenic, safe. In the course of a few months after the procedure creates the new tissue that supports the contours of the nose. Themselves thread are made of caprolace (on the basis of the material – lactic acid). With the passage of time, to resolve under the action of enzymes. The procedure requires from the surgeon a professional errors can lead to a cliff fibers, scarring at the site of administration, with the material through the skin.


Preparing for the delicate operation is carried out under the simplified scheme. In the first place it is necessary to visit the clinic, and the conversation with the doctor. After the inspection and the findings of the wishes, the instructions on the diagnostic examination. Also, you may need the advice of a doctor and a dermatologist. Before the use of hormonal drugs, it is necessary to obtain a positive opinion with an endocrinologist. A few days before the start of manipulation is worth it to give up smoking, alcohol, ingestion of drugs, dilution of the blood.


To the procedure went without the slightest discomfort to the patient, is used for local anesthesia. Before performing surgery without the surgery, the place of puncture are processed antiseptic.

How is sparing eyelid surgery

In a pre-planned area of the nose is introduced to the selected product. For this they use a cannula – a thin needle with a blunt tip (are durable and flexible). The cannula eliminates the risk of damage to the blood vessels and connective tissue. Is it better than the normal needle dispenses the product. Instead of the introduction is dependent on the properties of the defect. Non-invasive rhinoplasty nose fillers takes more than an hour. After verification of the sensitivity of the skin, the patient can go home.

A slight reduction in the nose instead of the fillers are introduced hormones. As usual, it is necessary to perform several procedures. Progressive correction eliminates the risk of flops. The "Extra" soft tissue under the influence of the mentioned substances are dissolved. Hormonal procedures are carried out only after consulting an endocrinologist. Handling require great professionalism – it is necessary to accurately calculate the dosage, select the proper place of administration of the drug. For smoothing of the relief in addition can be used a filler.

If the implementation of the operation without surgery to use threads, then in the first stage is carried out of the layout. After the local anesthesia under the skin of the injected thread using a hollow cannula. After the extraction of the tool stays in place. Pulling up both her end of the doctor striving for a positive aesthetic effect. For the last stage ends with the fibers of both the hillside are laid out, and then shave the shaft. The procedure lasts more than an hour. Swelling and bruising after the procedure is missing.

Correction langetti (clasps) are widely known. Is gaining for himself the non-surgical correction. The principle of work – mechanical squeezing of fabrics, the battery is in the correct position. The structure is made of ortages, wear need it to 4 times a week (duration of the treatments – 2 hours). During the month the volume of cartilage must be reduced to 1-2 mm. In practice matches does not bring major changes. Alternative the surgery is becoming. It should not be confused with the splints, used in plastic surgery. They are solid contours, obtained after surgery, protects the tissue. Time of wear is usually 7-10 days.


The procedure does not require hospitalization and general anesthesia. The cost of non-surgical plastic surgery of the nose involves the following cost items:

  • advice;
  • survey;
  • medicines and their quantity (it depends on the complexity of the problem);
  • anesthesia;
  • consumables;
  • the work of a specialist.


Non-invasive correction of the nose in Novorossiysk is carried out by a narrow specialist. Rehabilitation do not take up much time. Immediately after the procedure it is necessary to relax by the nose a cold compress. Bruises appear in individual cases (when the increased tendency to their formation). Swelling missing. In the usual rhythm of life you can come back for the second day after the non-surgical correction. The result of the operation is visible immediately. Mild discomfort may be in the early days. It passes quickly. In the period of recovery is necessary to avoid situations that lead to the injury of the nose and the common cold.

After a few weeks, excluded, solarium, beach, sauna (sauna). You cannot do a massage of the face, wears glasses. It is necessary to refrain from alcohol and cigarettes. Side heavy physical burden. The exact recommendations will zdf doctor who performed a rhinoplasty.


Non-invasive procedure is safe, but all of this has an effect on the structure of tissue, undermines the integrity of the skin. Plastic surgery of the nose without surgery výplňom helena thread has contraindications. Its not when:

  • oncology;
  • disease of the connective tissue;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • pathologies of the cardiovascular and endocrine system;
  • respiratory diseases, exacerbation of allergic rhinitis;
  • of mental disorders.

Non-surgical procedure will have to postpone for acne on the skin of the face and herpes. Not recommended in the period of menstruation, but also when wearing helena feeding the baby. Not carried out the manipulation under the age of 18 years. If in the future the patient will do a surgical rhinoplasty, the non-surgical method resort cannot be. It's not worth it to spend it in the presence of the previously stored non-absorbable fillers.

Non-surgical nose filler should serious shortcomings, including those which are accompanied by violation of nasal breathing. The procedure does not yield a result, will become an obstacle for the classic operation.

Complications of non-surgical methods include scar changes, the deformation of the contours of the nose, asymmetry, excessive increase (decrease) in volume. Complications develop only rarely and only when insufficient qualification of the specialists. The aesthetics of the nose, I'll re-sparing surgery in a good clinic.

He turned at our clinic each patient gets an individual approach. Experienced surgeon to advise, selects the method, executes the non-surgical correction, it will achieve the intended result.