Plastic nose

Specialists are ready to perform nose operations for various defects. They will not only be able to correct the shape of the nose, but also correct the internal elements. Rhinoplasty can be done inexpensively. The price of rhinoplasty of the nose is formed individually, taking into account the amount of work, the complexity of the operation.

plastic nose before and after

How much does a nose job cost?

Those who wish to know the prices of rhinoplasty can always contact the specialists by phone or online. They will be able to tell the approximate cost of a particular service. The final price will be announced to you after consultation.

However, it must be said that the cost of rhinoplasty, in any case, is justified. Indeed, due to defects in appearance, psychological problems and many complexes often arise. Plastic surgery of the nose will allow you to forget about defects such as an irregular nose shape, an ugly "bump", etc.

What is the cost and total cost of rhinoplasty or any other nose surgery?

The cost of the operation is, first of all, the cost of the work of a plastic surgeon, an anesthesiologist, as well as consumable instruments and dressings and hospitalization.

Correction of the tip of the nose. Plastic nose tip

Each person has an individual structure of different parts of the body. The tip of the nose is also different. If nature hasn't taken care of its beauty, the experts can. Plastic surgery of the tip of the nose can be performed both operatively and non-operatively, depending on the outcome expected by the patient.

Surgical intervention is necessary when it is necessary to correct a significant defect (acquired, for example, following trauma or congenital). In some cases, it is enough to remove excess tissue to give the necessary shape, in others - to fill in depressions and concave areas. Only a qualified doctor should determine what will be the correction of the tip of the nose. He will also tell you if you need general anesthesia or if you can get by with local anesthesia.

Remove a bump on the nose

If you remove the bump, you can change the rest of the face as well. This applies to cases where the patient has a clear mismatch in the size of the nose and other areas. Removing the bump on the nose will highlight the beautiful band and cheekbones, the height of the forehead and the shape of the eyebrows.

Typically, nose bump surgery is prescribed for cosmetic reasons, but there may be medical indications. It is worth considering going to a plastic surgeon for people who have a lump after unsuccessful rhinoplasty, as a result of sports injuries. Correction of the lump is not recommended for people who have not yet reached the age of 18 to 20 years.

Septum correction surgery

The curvature of the nasal septum is not only a cosmetic defect. There may be problems with breathing, with proper functioning of the organs. The reduced nasal passage impedes the circulation of air, which leads to drying of the mucous membrane. The indication for surgery is most often clinical manifestations.

Septum surgery is necessary for:

  • Physiological reasons (when curvature occurs as we age). Cartilage tissue grows faster than bone tissue, which can cause arching.
  • Compensatory reasons. The septum can be displaced due to polyps, enlarged turbinates.
  • Injuries to the nose. It can be both nose fractures and bruising.

Septum correction surgery can be done at virtually any age.

Rhinoplasty. Photo. Before and after

The photos taken before and after surgery allow you to assess the effectiveness of plastic nose surgery. This is how you can assess the qualifications, experience and capabilities of the surgeon. The price paid for a nose job must be fully justified. The pictures show what the future changes might be. This will avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings between the patient and the surgeon.

Reduce rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty reduction is plastic surgery prescribed for patients with increased volume of bone and cartilage tissue in the nasal area. Thanks to the surgeon's manipulations, it is possible to restore the aesthetic appearance of the nose and eliminate the defects associated with the problem.

Before the operation, a comprehensive study of the profile of the nasal lumen is carried out, which allows you to accurately determine all the nuances of the operation, with the most accurate prediction of the degree of reduction of the nose. The most important aspect of rhinoplasty reduction is the ability to avoid postoperative scarring. This effect is achieved by making cuts in special folds. The general aesthetics of the patient's face will remain intact.

Reduce septorhinoplasty

Reduction of septorhinoplasty is an operation that corrects the parameters of the nose by making it symmetrical, as well as enlarging the size of the nasal passages. Reduction of septorhinoplasty is indicated in patients with deviated nasal septum followed by respiratory failure.

As a result of the operation, a person gets rid of the curvature of the nasal cartilage. It should be noted that during the procedure organ safeguard measures are used. After shaping the cartilage and bone tissue, the surgeon will correct the nasal concha. This range of procedures is performed without loss of blood. At the final stage of septorhinoplasty, the final correction of the nose takes place, giving it a natural shape. Reducing septorhinoplasty is an incredibly thorough operation available in a rhinoplasty format.

Reduction and increase in septorhinoplasty

Ascending and descending septorhinoplasty is plastic surgery that combines correction of the nasal septum and correction of the shape of the nose. This procedure is particularly in demand in cases where the curvature of the septum is a consequence of trauma.

Correction of the tip of the nose

Correction of the tip of the nose is cosmetic surgery aimed at improving the shape of the tip of the nose. The procedure is a technically difficult type of rhinoplasty and can be performed using different techniques depending on the gaps that exist.