Rhinoplasty: preparing for the procedure, contraindications to the nuances of the rehabilitation

According to experts, the most common in women plastic surgery is eyelid surgery. The shape of his nose dissatisfied many, and often the psychological problem so great that it is forcing to go under the scalpel. In favor of the possibilities of plastic surgery now allow you to achieve what previously seemed unrealistic.

Plastic surgery nose before and after

Kinds of nose job and function execution

Popular operation in plastic surgery of the nose at the same time is one of the most difficult plastic surgery. Each of us wants to have a perfect appearance, but before you opt for such drastic changes, it is necessary to carefully weigh the pros and cons, and make sure that you are missing out contraindications to surgery.

Do the plastics of the nose surgeons recommend of the many reasons health and aesthetic nature. The main testimony to the operation used:

  • congenital or acquired (after the accident) the deformation of the nose;
  • difficulty with nasal breathing due to the curvature of the septum or hypertrophy of the mucous membrane of the nasal shells;
  • the objective of aesthetic defects — availability of said gibbo, sharpened, thickened, or skip the tip, his disproportionate size of the nose, or of its parts.

As with any surgical procedure, with the nose and has an extensive list of contraindications. The surgery will have to forget those who have one of the following chronic systemic diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • cardio-vascular diseases (CHD, hypertension severe, defects of the heart, cardiac arrhythmia);
  • autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus);
  • viral hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver damage;
  • bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • immunodeficiency virus status;
  • diseases associated with impaired blood clotting;
  • malignant tumors;
  • allergic disease (may cause the development of anaphylactic shock).

Absolutely contraindicated eyelid surgery in difficult total infections, such as tuberculosis.

Some diseases and conditions can exclude the possibility of performing nose surgery only temporarily. These include:

  • acute viral infections (SARS, influenza, herpes);
  • diseases of ENT-organs (runny nose, sinusitis, inflammation of the middle ear);
  • inflammatory changes on the skin of the face;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.

And there is no age limit to perform the procedure. Rhinoplasty do not recommend doing children and youth: until 18 years of age the process of forming the anatomical structures of the nose is not yet completed, and the consequences of surgery can be unpredictable. After 55 years of perform plastics is also not desirable: in old age are slowing down regenerative processes, and this complicates the course of the rehabilitation period. However, the age of the contraindications are not absolute, and the question of performing the operation in this case is decided individually. For example, if congenital abnormalities of the structures of the nose are causing breathing problems, frequent colds, sinusitis, otitis media, then the plastics perform, and even in the case that the patient has reached 18 years of age.

To determine the indication for surgery and to make sure, in the absence of contraindications, before the procedure is performed the examination. The primary phase of the training — counseling, in which the patient should discuss with the doctor worrying its defects and tells about the required results. Duty doctor — to give truthful forecasts and do not promote unrealistic expectations, which sometimes occur with customers.

On the standard pre-op diagnosis. It is necessary to donate blood to the general and biochemical tests for the presence of infections (HIV, viral hepatitis, syphilis), go through ECG, visit a therapist and has an anesthesiologist. Sometimes it is necessary to radiography of the paranasal sinuses and the advice of the dentist.

To make operations of nose surgery was successful, but the recovery was quick, the procedure is the need to properly prepare. Two weeks before the planned event is recommended to adjust the lifestyle and nutrition: give up bad habits and unhealthy foods, put the sleep mode. It is necessary to cancel intake of drugs that prevent blood clotting (anticoagulants): their effect can lead to severe bleeding during surgery. Directly in the day of the procedure you cannot receive food, if the surgery will be done under general anesthesia.

The function of carrying out operations that are intended for his views. Nose job (rhinoplasty) — this is the common name that connects different types of surgical correction. Depending on the available defects is carried out by one of the following types of interference:

  • Reconstruction is a complex operation, which consists in the restoration of the anatomical structures of the nose, damaged due to injury or already unsuccessfully performed operation. Often when it uses methods of implantation.
  • Fix forms — traffic on the back of the nose, allowing you to make it more narrow or wide, to eliminate the curvature, remove gibbo or retraction.
  • Plastic columella . So in medical language is called the jumper, which divides the nostril. Using the surgery can be increase or decrease, increase or decrease.
  • The plastic tip of the nose — is a relatively simple operation, aimed including the removal of these common defects, as a "bulbous nose", inverted. Surgically it is possible to lift the tip of your nose, sharpen his or expand.
  • Plastic wings of the nose . To her most often resort those who own nose seems to be too wide: the intervention allows you to adjust the size and cut of the nostrils. After the nose gets more refined and aristocratic appearance.
  • Septorhinoplasty . Its essence is the correction of defects of the nasal septum. Plastics of this type are carried out on health status.
  • Augmentationem plastic — operation in the breeding of the sunken bridge of the nose through the implantation of their own or donor cartilage.

Already this short description it is clear that the volume of interventions and the extent of the trauma during the operation can vary greatly. One thing is, if you need to fix the tip of the nose or reduce the columella, and quite another — when it is necessary to "reduce" gibbo or raise the nose. According to the final objectives apply the different methods of access — open and closed. The first method is more invasive: they are performed incisions the skin, the affected cartilage and bone tissue. When closed operations, the approach is ensured by the mucous membrane. Such an operation takes place with a minimum of injury and the rehabilitation period is shorter. But serious defects often can be removed only in open access.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure itself takes on average from one to three hours. Repair of the defect, the surgeon puts the stitches and a plaster bandage.

It is important

Back to normal life after the surgery will not work. During the recovery period, it can be difficult to breathe through the nose, can also bother the problems of aesthetic nature: swelling, hematoma. Fear is not worth it: it's perfectly natural, because during the operation cause damage to the blood vessels. Bruising and swelling after a nose job will disappear in about two weeks.

To rehabilitation period passed quickly and without complications, doctors recommend to follow a few rules:

  • to exclude the sport, not to lift weights;
  • eat spicy food, hot food and drinks, alcohol — may cause bleeding;
  • wear a bandage fixing (probably in the course of 10-14 days);
  • for the quick suction of bruises and reduce swelling can be used special outdoor resources and perform rehabilitation procedures, which are determined by the doctor.

The final result of the transfiguration will be visible over a year after the operation, because swelling of the soft tissues holding the three to four months, and the swelling of the periosteum around the osteotomy — within six to eight months.

How to choose a doctor to perform nose surgery

All of the above will convince in it, as it is a responsible step is the decision to resort to surgery on plastic surgery of the nose. Rely on luck in this case is unacceptable: because of the insufficient qualification of the surgeon at high risk of complications or at least bad outcome. So the choice of the doctor and the clinic should take a maximum of serious. To keep you from mistakes, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • Explore the documentation, based on which the works selected clinics. It needs to be license on implementation of medical activities. There are also other necessary documents: sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, the rules for the provision of health services. It is worth thinking about the availability of the certificates on the equipment used and the materials.
  • Make sure that the doctor has a sufficiently high qualifications. About the professional achievements of a surgeon says to certificates, diplomas, awards and diplomas, the certificate of obtaining additional education.
  • Rate the level of service at the clinic. First of all, the room influence on the psychological comfort of patients, and this is very important in such areas as aesthetic medicine. Second, the service — level indicator of the clinic in general, and the quality of the services provided. You can talk with the staff, learn what is included in the program, in addition to the operation itself (if you offer counseling and restorative procedures during rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation period).
  • Learn about the responsibilities of doctors. Good surgeons confident in your professionalism and ready to answer for the results of the operations carried out. Before you sign a contract with the agency, it is necessary to carefully examine the text of the document and all the conditions under which they will be provided medical services.
  • Cost of services — an important criterion for selection. Prices on plastic nose everywhere different, and not always match the quality of the services. The operation basically inexpensive cannot be called, and this issue deserves special attention.

How much is a rhinoplasty

The price of a nose job affect a variety of conditions:

  • the complexity of the procedure, the volume of the operative intervention;
  • qualifications of the surgeon (e.g., the operation doctor of the highest category will cost more than less the price of a decorated specialist);
  • level clinic;
  • region (the price of a nose job is in the big cities higher than in the province).

The first factor is the most meaningful. Different types of plastic surgery of the nose stands uneven, and it is natural: the function of operations determine the time and effort spent by the surgeon.

The dispersion of prices for the same services in different clinics is very large. Choose the cheapest offer always risky: it is hardly worth it to expose the danger of his own health and beauty in the pursuit of savings. It is better to focus on the high level of prices, of course, will not remain without attention and other selection criteria.

Thanks to the art of plastic surgeons, you can get rid of all shortcomings. But in the pursuit of the perfect look, do not forget about the fact that nose surgery — a complex operation, and perform better only in the presence of serious testimony. But regardless of what exactly happened to cause such a decision: medical needs, or dissatisfaction to the shape and size of the nose, — what is the most important — carefully take the choice of the clinic and the specialist.