Non-invasive rhinoplasty nose. Photo, how to perform, how to choose a clinic, doctor

Non-invasive rhinoplasty (which abolished basically positively) allows you to repair small defects of the nose using the methodologies, not according to which one can perform surgery.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty and her secret

Non-invasive rhinoplasty of the nose, the reviews which create the impression of her as a promising and very widely used procedure allows the elimination of this defect serves parts of the face:

  • quickly. Lasts from a few minutes up to half an hour, after which the patient goes home;
  • virtually painless; the most unpleasant impact ― is it jabs the needle;
  • without rehabilitation. A small swelling and redness of the face, run fast, and the imposition of bandages is not necessary. Exposed to procedure, the person remains in the ranks, can now helena on the second day embarking on the planned issues;
  • in most cases without complications;
  • is not traumatic: the tissue is not damaged by the scalpel;
  • without resorting to general anesthesia, negatively impact on the central nervous system.

The difference of non-surgical rhinoplasty from a serious surgical procedure ― in that it doesn't change the appearance of the bones of the nose, but only evens out minor defects protruding part of the face by filling cavities, mold repair, removal volumes.

What are the problems addressed by the process?

Bezoperatsionnaya plastic surgery of the nose (reviews of doctors-surgeons of her often and show respect to this methods of improving the appearance) allows a person to get rid of for a while from the obvious annoying issues, which prevents to build a personal life, to arouse the trust of business partners and the reduction of self-esteem.

The procedure is aimed at improving these areas.

Correction of the tip of the nose

You need for the removal of defects of the tip of the nose after injury and the correction of his congenital characteristics.

Girl before and after nose surgery

The procedure involves the tip of the nose:

  • lifting;
  • narrowing;
  • the annihilation of duality.

The implementation of the correction is possible by using the injection or introduction of special threads.

How to get rid of the hump

Efficiently and quickly, in the course of a few minutes, the procedure is performed fillers fillers of places in the vicinity of the hump of the nose (above and below it), that smoothes and conceals it. But the big bump to hide this method without the operation fails.

Recovery after fractures

To solve the problems that have arisen after fractures of the nose, rarely is possible using non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is a serious pathology, in the result of which is disturbed nose respiration, which sees to the psychological problems and disturbances in the work of the respiratory system.

After no treatment of fractures of the nose often remain defects in the form of a hump, curvature of the nasal septum.

If the patient doesn't want to resort to radical surgical measures, to endure surgery under general anesthesia within 2-3 h, then may use non-surgical rhinoplasty with a temporary repair deficiencies fillers. But when a violation of nasal breathing is better to perform the surgery.

The alignment of the forehead

Using fillers you can:

  • fix the curvature of the back of the nose to its direct;
  • Amended curvature of the back of the nose
  • change the width of the back of the nose;
  • stabilize her outline.

The backrest, as if lifted, when the nose has a saddle form, helena the level of peak — bump.

The reduction of the wings

Non-invasive rhinoplasty is used for the removal of smaller defects of the wings of the nose. It is possible to narrow thanks to the introduction of hormonal drugs that are deductible the amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue and intercellular fluid. Your nose shrinks and it looks good.

Indications and contraindications to the implementation of the

Indications to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty for men and women the same: the availability of for cosmetic problems of the nose that can be repaired without serious surgery.


  • the saddle form;
  • hump;
  • bubbles the backrest;
  • too big nose, fleshy, "potato";
  • sharply protruding wing;
  • omit the helena picked up the tip of the nose;
  • minor asymmetry of the nose;
  • in the past, unsuccessfully defined operations, and similar problems.

Contraindications are the following:

In men

There is no need to carry out the procedure if there is:

  • diseases of the endocrine system including diabetes mellitus;
  • hemophilia helena blood clotting problems;
  • the increased likelihood of the formation of colloidal scars;
  • diseases with pathological production of autoimmune antibodies;
  • cancer neoplasms;
  • the previously specified synthetic gels at the place of intended correction;
  • epilepsy;
  • skin diseases;
  • acute respiratory disease;
  • herpes infection in the acute phase.

In women

To women include the same contraindications, that the men, plus:

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • menstruation.

From how many years is carried out eyelid surgery?

Perform it can men, under the adulthood, when it is fully developed cartilage, bone tissue, and then ― at any age.

Want to patients?

The advantage of bezoperatsionnaya methods of plastic surgery of the nose ― without the need for administration of general anesthesia is dangerous for health. In many cases, uses local anesthesia, sometimes this type of anesthesia involved.

Feelings of pain

Guests of the nose is very sensitive, and in some people may experience pain and tearing during the procedures.

Sometimes experts are used for pain relief, applied with anesthetic cream helena infiltration anesthesia.

During surgery by using fillers procedure in many cases is carried out without anesthesia, sometimes not very painful; raises uncomfortable feelings alone vcol needle. In the composition of a number of drugs-fill already contains a powerful local anesthetic, acute feelings of pain.

During the administration of drugs with the help of special cannula is ensured by the formation of crusts manipulation, the lack of breaks in the tissues and blood gushes, helps to reduce the soreness of the procedure.

The injection have been the nose

Non-invasive rhinoplasty, the reviews on the which pushes some women to the procedure is most commonly done using injections in different parts of the nose. Help, how to apply the optimal amount of and beautiful lines of the nose, and so reduce the excess tissue in this area, than is achieved by the attractive aesthetic effect.

Staples salt of hyaluronic acid

Salt of hyaluronic acid — it is a natural substance that is found in the human body. Hyaluronic acid fills the intercellular space and the space between the fibers of fabrics.

Hold the injection of the nose

Acid injections do not have allergic and toxic effects due to the identity of the drug substance, contained in human skin.

Often the acid is introduced in the form of the product-filler of the new generation. In addition, in it, an anesthetic substance and a phosphate buffer, a stabilizing salt of hyaluronic acid and the protecting acid from the breakup.

Hormonal drugs

Their action is determined by the partial removal of the cartilage in the nose, which expands its visually. The substance dissolves hormonal preparations. It is more often refers to the wings and tip of the nose.

The method of operation of hormones is carried out in several stages with gaps in 7-10 days (for prevention of atrophy of the tissues) and has a relatively long-term effect. First, you need to consult with an endocrinologist and check zdf hormonal background of the patient. If the problem is not, can be identified, then resort to the procedure.

In the fixable area of the nose doctor point introduces hormonal drugs. It is very important to accurately determine the dosage of the substance, otherwise in the nose of some "blackouts", to restore that will only be possible to the operating on the way.

Lipolytics are

Are drugs that help to cope with too a great, solid, "meaty" nose, adjust his whole tip.

Lipolytics are active in the nose, so:

  • relieve swelling, congestion of the intercellular liquid;
  • strengthen the processes of regeneration, which helps to eliminate and porosity;
  • reduce the amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue, breakdown of adipose tissue.

As a result, the tip of the nose narrows.

Kinds of fillers

Minor changes to the shape of the nose can be adjusted fillers, a gel medications. They are able to fill various inequalities and defects, skin folds.

As usual, the fill ― is it drugs salt of hyaluronic acid. They are harmless and practically do not cause complications. Fillers can be repaired in the nose of the defects of the forehead, tip of nose, bridge of the nose.

In addition, injection of fillers useful in the impact of the common cold, because moisten the mucous membranes of the nose. How to get rid of defects sufficient only procedures. Fillers for the improvement of the shape of the nose have thicker consistency than the other, for the simulation of the nasal cartilage and maintain the desired shape of the nose.

Synthetic helena biodegradiruemye

Synthetic fillings now, it is not so active, as in the second half of the XX century. They are made of silicone helen of paraffin, and there is no fix in the body. They have a thick consistency. Their effect is manifested after a long period of time. Downside ― the feeling of rejection in the body thousands of years the foreign material from which they are made, the emergence of allergic reactions.


To date it is the preferred form of a substance for the injection of the nose. Biodegradable gels have a natural origin, are created often with the help of the salt of hyaluronic acid.

They are not rejected substances and solve in the body approximately in the course of the year. This is the same feature can be called a drawback, because for maintaining a proper appearance is necessary to the regular repetition of the manipulation.

Also absorbable fillers are created from substances:

  • hydroxyapatite;
  • polylactic acid;
  • collagen.

When used as a fill rarely observed adverse effects.


It is drugs that contain fillers on the basis of animal collagen with the addition of synthetic components that are compatible with the human organism.

Often cause allergic reactions.


It fills, created on the basis of its own tissues of the organism. In particular, fat. He enjoys the healthy tissue of the person and transplanted to the desired zone.

The result is a permanent effect, but to predict exactly the duration of the result problematic. This type of fill is rarely used in practice.

Non-injection rhinoplasty

The correction of defects of the nose without the injection the introduction of modeling agents: using the splint and thread.


Non-invasive rhinoplasty nose also goes by using it is a very gentle method ― overlay splints. It's a solid game, fixing the nose to the right patient status. Under the pressure of langetti adjusted the soft tissue of the nose.

It is necessary to wear it every day, after 2-4 h after a period of 1-4 months. Then maybe supporting the application of splints a few times per month. With the same objectives are used lightweight accessories ― clips, clamps to the nose.

With this method of operation is achieved through the results:

  • are adjusted, the wing of the nose;
  • fixed light asymmetry;
  • the tip of the nose narrows and the rose a little bit, which eliminates the unnecessary length and slope.


Thread rhinoplasty allows a few we shorten its length to helena to pick up the tip. The nasolabial angle is changing up to 105-110ᵒ, and it causes the visual effect of facial rejuvenation.

Introduction fiber can also help restore damaged nasal breathing, expanding the internal valve in the nose. The result of the treatment is visible immediately and rehabilitation practically is not necessary.

Repair of the thread is performed under local anesthesia. Are introduced to the correct place, then recorded and catch up to obtain the desired shape of the nose. Correction of the nose thread is rarely performed, because in this case the nose, sometimes it is connected to the unnatural appearance of the yarn as a drag of his.

Technique and preliminary preparation

Dignity procedures ― no special previous training. First, you need to make an appointment at the clinic. When visiting the doctor it is necessary to show a portfolio with photos of patients, where it is shown the result of the intervention (before and after). You need to assemble a computer model of the desired nose.

Before the procedure it is advisable to wash your hair, because then immediately it is not recommended to bend over and wash the head.

During surgery by using fillers:

  1. The patient comfortably provided for.
  2. Wipe the skin at the site of injection of the disinfectant, better do not contain alcohol.
  3. Then vcol needle of the syringe with a small needle at the right place and is introduced by the necessary number of padding. In this case, the numbness does not perform either an anesthetic substance is introduced into the composition of the product.
  4. In the process of treatment the doctor may perform depending on the purpose of several vcols in different places, and yet it is as if vyleplivaet fingers into the desired shape of the body, presss the substance inside, of massage under the skin to fill accepted the tissue.
Introduction thread under the skin of the nose

In the introduction thread is used for local anesthesia. All actions are performed via the puncture.

The needle is threaded through to her the thread is inserted under the skin of the nose in the area of the bridge of the nose, carried along the nose inside and displayed in the area of its peak. Needle eliminated, and the fibers remain and catch up to achieve the correct level of the tip of the nose.

When using langetti the principle of correction — regular pressure on certain zones. The patient himself puts it at home when convenient.

How many holding swelling after surgery?

Through injections of the patient appear small redness and is not very significant swelling, but when you use the fill overall, it fast maximum after 24 h, takes place. In-fiber correction of the swelling may dissolve within 7 days. Punctures become completely unnoticeable in 2-3 days after the manipulation.

Possible complications

As in any intervention with infiltration into your body, in the non-surgical operation may also occur complications.


The bruises on his face
Ischemia of the tissues of the nose The termination of the income of the blood, which leads to necrosis (necrosis) tissues. Arises when:
  • too large a dose of the injected substance, it is necessary to monitor its amount, and not to use the non-surgical rhinoplasty for the correction of gross defects in the exterior;
  • damage to the blood vessels a needle. Therefore, it is better to use for manipulation in the tissues of the nose less traumatic cannula;
  • too little breaks between the procedures correction. A person doesn't want to wait, when the specified substance completely solve the problem, wants to support your favorite looks and comes to the doctor yet until complete dissolution of the product, which is dangerous
Swelling Appears in the introduction of fillings, from trauma, needle, thread
The formation of tumors and bumps on the injection site Maybe when using biosynthetic, synthetic fills and the salt of hyaluronic acid, but in the second case, with time the surface of the skin smoothed
Bleeding, bruising at site of injection The procedure itself is painless and not bloody. In case of contact with a tool in a blood vessel maybe slight bleeding for some time, but a large bruise, as a rule, is not formed
The Offset of the drug from the site of introduction, helena his contouring (speech headings under the skin) The most commonly occurs in patients with thin skin, and therefore, it is necessary to perform the manipulation of people with no thin skin covers
Migration of filler Refers to the biodegradiruemye drugs. Requires the immediate removal of a filler from your body
Inflammation Arises when using fiber trim, a violation of asepsis
Allergies Frequent in the application of synthetic and biosynthetic fillers; the body perceives as a foreign body
The emergence of irreversible changes in the soft tissues In the hobby fillers from the youth. Changes are possible in 5-7 years of use. Arise persistent swelling and violation of the homogeneity and density of the skin
Blockage of blood vessels When using a biosynthetic filler
Blindness When all the virtues of the filler on the basis of the salt of hyaluronic acid has been known for more than 100 cases, when her clumsy introduction was the cause of vision loss in the patient
Fibrosis of the surrounding tissues Overgrowth of connective tissue, comes a time, when introduced, are not absorbable výplňs
Atrophy of the skin and soft tissues It can appear in the immoderate introduction of hormonal drug for the reduction of the cartilage of the nose. Appear fossa, thinner skin. It is a complication, it is difficult to solve even surgically

What kind of results you can expect and when?

Here everything is very individual. In the introduction of fillers some patients is enough for one treatment, someone - 2 helena 3. After the first session it is possible slight swelling, and other days they are all beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, just how would you nose to take the desired shape, slightly to help your fingers.

The result of the straightening of the nose after the nose

Overall result after the introduction of the fillers appear immediately, but after 10-15 days, the effect will increase at the expense of the synthesis of collagen, filling and leveling of the tissue. And look even better.

When using fibers, the effect is noticeable immediately, but to see maximum results is possible after a few days, when will the engorgement and swelling in the area of entry and exit of the needle. When the correction for langety, clip requires patience while waiting for results (up to 4 months).

How many holds influence, zdf is the correction over time?

The effect after plastic surgery of the nose fillers holds from 6 months to 1 year depending on the amount of injected drug. Salt of hyaluronic acid fully resolved for a period of 15 months.

When lifting the fiber result it is also possible to observe up to 1 year. But it is not necessary to wait for the full completion of the effect of treatments. Regularly it is possible to extend the introduction of new fibres helena using fillers.

Some doctors advise to first introduce a little bit of the drug that would suffice on half a year, that will serve as a kind of test procedures. In this case the patient will determine the zdf he is happy with the shape of your nose, I would like to change something in it.

What to do if the surgery is unsuccessful?

If the procedure is put the result on which counted the patient, then it must solve this problem with your doctor. One should determine the cause of the complications, and do everything possible to remedy the situation. In this case, the volatile effect of the non-surgical nose plays in the zika.

The doctor advises the patient

Overdose hormonal means and reduction of the cartilage on the side level will have to resort to serious operational intervention in order to restore a normal appearance.

If the doctor refuses to solve the problem, you need to:

  • draw up in writing the complaint to the clinic with your requirements;
  • wait for a response to the complaint;
  • when ignoring the e — mails - to go to court.

How to choose the best clinic and doctor?

Non-invasive rhinoplasty of the nose, the reviews on which it is necessary to carefully examine in specific clinics, assumes a strict selection of the medical device for the intended procedures.

It is necessary to stop the attention on the best clinics, where already treated many patients and where they can demonstrate in the photographs, the results of the rhinoplastic "before" and "after".

It is important that the doctor had a large experience in this activity, documents of education and the appropriate specialty, the high qualifications. It is necessary, to a specialist regularly organizes internships, be informed about all news.

Should pay attention to the equipment of the clinics a modern and high-quality technical equipment.

Preferably not in a hurry, carefully analyze and compare among themselves the name and make a choice in favor of the better, because face ― it is a business card makeover, then unacceptable medical errors.

The price of plastic surgery of the nose

The price of the non-surgical operation varies depending on the quantity and quality of the squares of the substance.

The cost of the procedure is the introduction of fillers and fiber plastics quite high. Introduction lipolytics costs less. Splints for the correction of the nose is the most available.

Tips after the procedure

Doctors recommend after the procedure non-surgical nose:

  • in the first hours does not strain the muscles in the face, a sneeze, a cough;
  • 15 days is not input to the spa, pool and sauna;
  • 2 weeks to indulge in sports with intense burden;
  • avoid visits in the solarium the first 3-4 days;
  • cosmetic preparations, preparations for care of the face can be applied. From applying concealer is better to abstain.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty — corrective minor imperfections of the nose procedure that positively lifted many patients. It restores the proportions of the nose and returns the harmony of the face. Who cares about your beauty, you can think about it.