Eyelid surgery: photo before and after, contraindications

eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery (or rhinoplasty) as effectively used as in women, as in men, as well as in children – when this holding of the nose the nose in patients of a younger age is held solely on the testimony of the doctors, while in adults it can be done according to their wishes – for a more beautiful shapes of the funnel.

Indication for surgery

  • Too long nose.
  • A pronounced hump.
  • Big nostrils.
  • The saddle shape of the nose.
  • Sharpened/thickened discharge.
  • Asymmetrical nose.
  • Bent/"eagle" tubing.
  • Too big or small nose (the disproportion).
  • Deformation due to the injury, unsuccessful operations.
  • Congenital deficiencies in the tissue.
  • Inverted.
  • A bump before the tip of the nose.
  • According to the testimony (due to impaired breathing).
  • The Twisted baffle.
  • Burn/frostbite.
  • Fracture.

Contraindications to rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty cannot be performed in any case when the following contraindications:

  • Diseases of the blood vessels and the heart.
  • Diseases of the liver.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Heart failure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Oncology.
  • Problems with the clotting of blood.
  • Disorders of the psyche.
  • Allergies to medications, that are used as painkillers.
  • Failure of immunity and diseases, which are his "companions".
  • Serious disease is of an infectious nature.
Relative contraindications to surgery

Relative contraindications to surgery

  • Age (up to 18-20 years old) – this is due to the growth of the cartilage and is a big likelihood of a change in indicators.
  • Age 45+ — the question of how much you need rhinoplasty solved individually for each person.
  • Pregnancy and breast – feeding- in which case it'll be better when the intervention move to another suitable time.
  • The critical days in women.
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract character.

The rehabilitation period after a nose job

Rhinoplasty, as well as other non-surgical procedures, logically brings to the question, that after performing the operation will take time to recover.

This period depends on what was the extent of the repairs, but the stay at the clinic or hospital is not necessary – already next day the patient can safely go home.

If as an object of exposure is used only cartilage, then the recovery will vary from 7 to 10 days. And here is the operation to other departments, it follows as a consequence of the rehabilitation of about 14 days.

Plastic surgery of the nose requires compliance with the recommendations of the experts:

visit the spa
  • The use of the bracket. Plaster bracket, brace, or collodion plate. It is necessary to wear it 5-6 days, together with tires and other materials. It is necessary to provide the desired shape and implement effective compensation or repair.
  • The processing of the nostrils. It is better to see a doctor, but some of the recommendations on the use of drugs and the use of external funds will have to perform yourself.
  • Follow the doctor's recommendations. Not visit the spa, the sauna, the beach, and not wearing sunglasses (it is permissible after a few months), and also to limit sails and other physical activities.

Types of correction the shape of the nose

Operations tip of the nose

This procedure will help to correct the nose, adjust the size, remove the offset of the central axes, and also the line to the tip of the nose.

Usually, when such stripping make incisions inside the nose, after which removes some of the tissue and impart to them a certain shape, which imposes certain seams. It's quite a complex kind of intervention, which requires a real cup, but his result is an incredible transformation of appearance.

Rhinoplasty of nose

Rhinoplasty, where the price is directly dependent on the type of surgery and extent of the work takes place and in operation at the back of the nose – it helps to fix the hump, remove the "ceasing" or even curvature, expand, or make a backrest already.

The fix is very important for the creation of aesthetically beautiful and the nose is done through the outdoor or indoor access, with the introduction of implants and other techniques according to the wishes of the customer.



This intervention to correct the curvature of the nasal septum.

It is important not only in terms of the removal of a cosmetic deficiency, but also facilitates the nose breath.

ENT – surgery

There like ENT-a disease that is treated only through surgery. Usually the main focus of the intervention is the removal of bruises, cysts, polyps and other tumors in the tissues of the body that deletes the contents of the cavity, the paranasal sinuses for inflammatory infectious diseases. In most cases, this type of intervention is spending on the policy OMS.

The use of quality equipment, tools and pain medication allows you to carry out interventions of various difficulties, without pain, but also to make rehabilitation a period of less.

Re-surgery of the nose

Secondary correction is usually necessary, if the primary results were unsatisfactory.

Before you decide where you will fix the nose, it is necessary to take into account several important factors – it requires a huge amount of skill specialist, so as to rectify the consequences of a lot harder than making something new from the original data.

Such a procedure differs from the usual great complexity.

Otherwise it's the same preview of the interview with the doctor, preparation and implementation of the recommendations of the doctor during the rehabilitation.

The price may be different depending on what degree of difficulty, i.e., a surgical procedure may be for you expensive have fun, or cheap services.

Post-traumatic nose

Post-traumatic nose

Adjustment of reconstructive the character – it is a type of surgical procedure which is widely used for anyone who suffered various injuries. Rhinoplasty gives huge options in the field of the use of the anatomical characteristics of the nose. Restoration can be carried out with the transplantation of its tissue – the introduction of a cartilage of the auricle (without breaking form). The use of other methods discussed separately with the doctor.

Types of approaches

Open rhinoplasty

This means that the cut they make not only inside, but also on the drum between the nostrils, and the presence of the outer seam.

The doctor can directly work with substances due to the fact that it has full access to them. This is very important when there is a need for more diagnosis, let's say, in the implementation of secondary intervention is to assess the overall condition of the scar tissue. In addition, this method allows time to process the blood vessels to prevent bleeding.

Closed rhinoplasty

This method means to perform an incision inside the nose, so the skin veils and their integrity will not be violated. It is reflected positively on the appearance of the patient. In addition, the repair only takes one or two hours. Rehabilitation in this method will also be shorter, which allows faster to get in shape and give the evaluation of the result.

But for such intervention by the doctor must be a great experience and high qualification, because this way is far harder.